elcom euro 200 manual

elcom euro 200 manual


elcom euro 200 manual

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elcom euro 200 manual

ObsahMoznosti pouzitia.12. Rezim JODO.33. Detekcia pokladnice.42Euro-200TX. Euro-200TE. Euro-500TX Handy. Euro-500TE Handy. Euro-500T Handy. Euro-1000T. Euro-2000T Alpha. Euro-2000TE Alpha. Euro-2100TE Alpha. Elcom-500FP. Euro-200TE. Euro-500TE Handy. Euro-2000TE Alpha. Euro-2100TEPOKLADNICA.TYPNUM\DATUM\NNNN.bin. POKLADNICA.TYPNUM\DATUM\NNNN.txt. FMTNAME v config.txt.POKLADNICA.TYPNUM\DATUM\hhmmss.bin. FMTNAME v config.txt. POKLADNICA.NUM\DATUM\hhmmss.txt. POKLADNICA.NUM\DATUM\hhmmss.bin. FMTNAME v config.txt.Diakritika vPokladnicaPort naEuro-100TSF5b: ? ? ? 7 B ? ?SF5a: A ? ? ? ? 0 1. SF5b: ? ? ? ? ? 7 BSF5a: A ? ? ? ? 0 1. SF5b: 7 B. SkenerSF5a: A ? ? ? ? 1 1Port naSF5a: A ? ? ? ? 0 1SF5a: 1 ? ? ? ? 0 1. SF5b: ? ? ? 1 A ? ?SF5a: 1 ? ? ? ? 0 1. SF5b: ? ? ? ? ? 1 A. Euro-2100TESF5a: 1 ? ? 1 A 0 1Podobne ako vTento rezim jeTabulka 5.1 Nastavenie prepojokHodnotyHodnotyHodnotyJournal downloader. User manualThis manual was not subject to any language revision. This manual or any part of it may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise distributedAll rights reserved. Table of contentInstallation of the JODO journal downloader drivers.53. Configuring JODO for use with a cash register.54Virtual COM port.57. Replicator ports.57The JODO journal downloader (trade name) is reader for a journal or controlIn essence, JODO looks like a PCAdditional functions are USB support, whichAn additional feature is theThank you for choosing JODO. Please read this user manual before you beginIt will help you solve any problems that mayWater couldNever use cleaning agents such asThe use of such chemicals may cause damage orLiquids can damage the functionality of the device.Some electrical equipment connected may produceNotice: The adapter is designed for interior use only!The use of cards from other manufacturers mayThe use of another resource may lead to damage to the resource or to the. JODO journal downloader.


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A symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that thisYou can get furtherThe key has the following functions:The JODO journal downloader is supported by the WINDOWS XP SP3KB935892, which can be downloaded in the relevant localized form from the. Web pages of the Microsoft Corporation. The driver for Jodo (jodo.inf) isInstallation of the JODO journal downloader driversFigure 1.2 Connecting JODO and a PCA detailed description for installing the driver isConfiguring JODO for use with a cash registerHold down the key on the JODO journal downloader and connect the BThis enablesFigure 1.3 Configuring the Jodocon programIf a specific cash register is selected, the. JODO journal downloader will cooperate only with the selected type ofThe JODO journal downloader isConnect the JODO journalFi gure 1.4 C o nne ctin g J O D O with a n c a s h re gi sterMass storage allows access to the reader memory card using a USB withoutFigure 1.5 Connecting the JODO journal downloader to a PC using a USB cableMass storage can operate in two modes. Read-only (the standard mode of the JODO journal downloader uponA change in the mode is possible only by repeated connecting of the powerFigure 1.6 reading and downloading of journals without using a PC. Virtual COM port. The port is accessible on a PC if the reader is connected via a USB. The port. Figure 1.7 Use of a virtual COM port. Power supply not required. Replicator ports. Offers an independent RS-232 port, which can be used for connecting theFigure 1.8 Using a replicator port without using a PCFigure 1.9 Using a replicator port and a virtual COM port at the same timeEuro-2500TX (with switched-on electronic journal). JODO is supported with following Slovak fiscal cash registers. Euro-100T. Euro-200TX. Euro-200TE. Euro-500TX Handy. Euro-500TE Handy. Euro-1000T. Euro-2000TE. Euro-2100TE.The JODO journal downloader includes.


For ensuring communication between a cash register and the JODO journalTo use the virtual COMWin XP Service Pack 2 operating system, hotfixes KB918365 and KB935892Pack 3 and MS VISTA operating systems. The required files are available at www.elcom.eu and www.microsoft.com in theMicroSD card.A message will appear on the computer about finding a new device. Figure 2.1 Message about finding a new deviceFigure 2.2 Procedure for adding hardwareFigure 2.3 Procedure for adding hardwareFigure 2.4 Procedure for adding hardwareFigure 2.5 Procedure for adding hardwareFigure 2.6 Procedure for adding hardwareRight click on “My Computer” and selectFigure 2.7 Computer propertiesLPT). The settings for the virtual communication port are depicted inFigure 2.8 Device managerThe application contains only the basic settings forFigure 2.9 Jodocon configuratorCASHREGISTER.TYPENUM\DATE\NNNN.bin. CASHREGISTER.TYPENUM\DATE\NNNN.txt. TYPE - cash register type:NNNN - order number of journal download in particular sale day. DATE - date of journal download from cash register, the format depends on. FMTNAME setting in config.txtExample:Other regional version of fiscal cash register (include slovak non-fiscal),CASHREGISTER.TYPENUM\DATE\hhmmss.bin. CASHREGISTER.TYPENUM\DATE\hhmmss.txt. TYPE - cash register type:DATE - date of journal download from cash register, the format depends on. FMTNAME setting in config.txt. Example:Euro-2500TX cash register, are stored in the format. CASHREGISTER.NUM\DATE\hhmmss.bin. CASHREGISTER.NUM\DATE\hhmmss.txt. NUM - cash register number on three digits. DATE - date of journal download from cash register, the format depends on. FMTNAME setting in config.txtExample:If the JODO device is used with more than oneWith a text journal, this means that in an arbitrary text editor the journal is notAt the same time, it isThe mentioned functionalityTable 3.1 Conversion of a text journal. Preset. Meaning. Value.


The path to the file containing the conversionDiacritics in an unformatted text are depictedName of the file withTermination symbol (if no termination symbol isWindows)The behavior of the JODO device can be configured by jumpers on the circuitIf this file is not found on the memory cardJumpers only allow for a basic configurationTable 4.1 Configuration using the file config.txt. Meaning. ValuesMODE 0 the speed is set the same asFunctionSlovak fiscal version of cash registersJODO device)Function. Meaning. ValueFunction. Meaning. ValueEuro-2500TXT h e J O D O d e v i c e i n c l u d e s s u p p o r t f o r a u t o d e t e c ti o n o f t h e c a s h r e g i s t e r t y p e. If i n t h e s e t ti n g f o r t h e p a r a m e t e r E C R T Y P E i s s e t t o A U T O t h e c o n fi g u r a ti o nThe procedure when programming is as follows:ECR port (COM 1) and to PC via serial PC port.Programming can be repeated in the case of an error. InFigure 4.1 Schematic for connecting a patch cable for the updating of firmwareFigure 4.2 Schematic for connecting patch cables for the Euro-500TE Handy. Figure 4.3 Schematic for connecting patch cables for the Euro-200TE and Euro2100TEFigure 4.4 Schematic for connecting patch cables for the Euro-2000 and Euro2500TXLift the cover on the side of the USB by about 1.5After openingWhen removing the top cover, first shift the cover to the latches on the side of theATTENTION: Do not use strongPlace the bottom screw back in and theTable 4.4 Possible errors. Green LED. Red LED. DescriptionSTORAGE mode.The JODO device is communicating with the cashThe JODO device is prepared for downloading,The JODO device is not able to download and storeThe JODO device is not able to download and storeMalfunction of the JODO hardware. This state canIf the JODOJODO can function without problems. Ponukneme vam vyhodnejsie percento ako banka. Ako sa pripravit ? Ako sa pripravit ?


O co teda ide: Velmi zjednodusene povedane, kazda elektronicka pokladnica bude napojena do internetu a bude odosielat vybrane data o prebiehajucich transakciach na Financnu spravu Slovenskej republiky. Je to rozdiel v porovnani so sucasnym systemom, kedy su data o transakciach uchovavane iba v pokladnici. Kolko to bude stat ? Zoznam pokladnic ktore sa daju upgrade-ovat: Tak isto ak vlastnite model, ktory sa uz dlho nevyraba a niesu dostupne diely, tak isto ste sa rozhodli spravne. Napriek tomu verime, ze ste so Slovenskymi pokladnicami boli spokojny a preto ste sa rozhodli si znova zaobstarat EURO pokladnicu od nas. Mame zakaznikov, ktory maju svoje pokladne 20 rokov a to su cisla, ktore hovoria za vsetko.Balicky budu dostupne v maji. Objednavky budu vybavovane podla poradia objednavok a nakoniec ak sa nieco zvysi aj ostatni. Zakupte si upgrade balicek ! Vymente svoje zariadenie uz teraz a bezproblemov prejdite na eKasu. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime.Browse Books Site Directory Site Language: English Change Language English Change Language. Specifications Dimensions Optional Kit. Packing List Ordering Information Optional Modules Combo Gigabit LAN. www.ieiworld.com 19 Innovators in the field of Hospitality and Retails POS system (hardware and software), Young POS have built a network of over 10.000 customer over the South East Asia VSD224 The ViewSonic VSD224 is a 22 (21.5 viewable) all-in-one Smart Display with 1920x1080 Full HD resolution. Sleek, stylish, and able to effortlessly integrate into your current environment, the HP RP7 Retail System Customer Loyalty program. Self-service. The Tablet PC is a fully functional PC with built-in LAN, and wireless connectivity.

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12 Jul 2018 We reviewed the Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 DTS:X Soundbar which everything to be well-packaged with clear placement instructions. The Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 sound bar system is one of the most powerful Still, as long as you thoroughly follow the instructions and you have no Nakamichi LLC (USA) 7.1Ch Shockwafe Pro sound bar help desk. Troubleshoot your issues or drop us an email. Ovladace pre USB komunikaciu medzi.Inzeraty registracna pokladna. Bezplatna inzercia, registracna pokladna predaj a inzercia. Vyberte si z mnozstva ponuk.Pokladny pokladni systemy pro hotely a gastronomii. Na Aukru najdete nove i z druhe ruky. Nejprodavanejsi pokladni system v CR. Dotykove pokladny pro obchody a restaurace. Vice nez 4500 instalaci po cele.Fiskalna registracna pokladnica. Pouzivatelska prirucka Klavesnica pokladnice Euro-1000T Pokladnica Euro-1000T patrimedzi prenosne pokladnice.Firma Elcom Vam dakuje, ze ste si vybrali elektronicku registracnu pokladnicu Euro-1000T. Skor nez zacnete pokladnicu pouzivat, precitajte si tento. Je lahka a kompaktna. Je lehka a kompaktni.Podrobny popis: Elcom EURO 2000 - Co robit, ked ERP ziada heslo. Podrobny popis:.Fiskalna registracna pokladnica EURO-1000T - POUZIVATELSKA PRIRUCKA verzia 1.1. Fiskalna registracna pokladnica EURO-1000T - POUZIVATELSKA.Mala lahko prenosna pokladnica EURO-50TE mini. Ide o najmensiu pokladnicu od Elcomu.Euro-200T Cash Register pdf manual download. Also for: Euro-200tx.Registracni pokladna EURO-200TE OBCHODNI POKLADNA, VHODNA DO VSECH TYPU PRODEJEN. Odolna mobilni pokladna s vynikajicimi vlastnostmi pro: trznice, mobilni prodej, parkoviste stanky s obcerstvenim, bufety.Pokladna Elcom Euro-50TEi Mini s bezdratovym Wi-Fi modulem, certifikovana pro EET Software pokladny v cene - zadne mesicni pausaly.Euro 1000T-F.2.2.1 Sposob pripajania externych zariadeni k Euro-1000T 17 2.3 Klavesnica pokladnice Euro-1000T.Predam fiskalnu registracnu pokladnu Elcom Euro 50TE Mini model F.

pokladna je vo vynikajucom stave( pozri foto). Je lehka a kompaktni. Soubor ke stazeni - Comm2A.The 1000T is a simple to use timed syringe dispenser.Features vacuum suck-back to prevent drips of watery liquids. Pokladne Euro 50 Mini a Cash maju vstavanu baterku( akumulator ) takze su vhodne aj na ambula. Mobilny POS terminal s 5,45 HD displejom sluzi k prehladnejsiemu a lepsiemu pouzivaniu. Uz nikdy nebudete musiet riesit parovanie tlaciarne a telefonu, alebo poziciav. Tlac diakritiky bola overena uspesny tlacovym testov SK znakov. Balenie obsahuje:Platobny terminal SumUp 3G je riesenim pre vas rozbeh pri prijimani platieb. Zadajte sumu a stlacte tlacidlo Zaplatit. To je vsetko! Takto jednoducho to s platobnym terminalom SumUp 3G ide. Je len na vasich zakaznikoch, aky. Obsah balenia. Overovac bankoviek. Overovac pravosti bankoviek. Overovacka bankoviek Platobny terminal SumUp 3G je riesenim pre vas rozbeh pri prijimani platieb. Zadajte sumu a stlacte tlacidlo Zaplatit. To je vsetko! Takto jednoducho to s platobnym terminalom SumUp 3G ide. Je len na vasich zakaznikoch, aky. Sparujte terminal SumUp Air cez Bluetooth. Zadajte sumu a stlacte tlacidlo Zaplatit. To je vsetko! Takto jednoducho to so SumUp Air ide. SumUp Air je vybaveny NFC technologiou, pre pohodlie vasich zakaznikov. Je len na vasic. Dotykova pokladna pre Android elio T2 Mini je dodavana s procesorom Qualcomm Snapdragon Octu-Core (8 x 2,0 GHz), pamatou 8 GB ROM, 1 GB RAM, 11,6 palcovym HD dotykovym displejom (1366 x 768) a tepelnou tlaciar. Vnutro zasuvky obsahuje priecinky pre 8 minci a 4 bankovky. Nastavenie zahrna:Termo pasky sa vyrabaju z vysoko kvalitneho termo papiera, ktory garantuje citatelnost zaznamu 7 rokov, pri dodrzani spravnych skladovacich podmienok. Pouziva sa na vyrobu pasok do registracnych pokladni, POS terminalov, vah, zdravotnickych zariadeni, meracich pristrojov, cestovnych listkov v MHD a pod. Blednutie pasok?

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Vdaka tomu mate istotu, ze pripojenie bude vyuzite len pre potreby samotnej pokladnice a Vase citlive data su chranene pred neziaducim unikomTento koncept je specialne navrhnuty pre banky, poistovne, zakaznicke centra, mobilnych operatorov a vsade tam, kde je kladeny velky doraz na spokojnych zakaznikov. Info Kiosk poskytuje moznost uplatnit skutocnu spravu e-dokumentov od zaciatku obchodneho pripadu. Je mozne koordinovat a riadit elektronicky tok dat, ich ziskavanie, spracovanie, skladovanie, vyhladavanie a distribuciu efektivnym sposobom. Dokumenty su bezpecne ulozene a su k dispozicii kedykolvek. E-dokument manazment optimalizuje podnikove procesy a zvysuje efektivitu prace s dokumentmi a klientmi.Prezentujte vase ponuky v case, ked sa zariadenia aktivne nepouziva. Jednym dotykom sa Info Kiosk zmeni na samoobsluzne pracovisko. Klienti mozu vykonat mnoho ukonov bez zasahu vasich zamestnancov. Je vhodny pre manipulaciu v prasnom terene, v prostredi, kde moze dojst ku kontaktu s vodou a dokonca je odolny aj voci padu az z 80 cm vysky.Zariadenie ma zabudovanu kameru, mikrofon, reproduktory, vdaka ktorym mozete telefonovat, prenasat obraz alebo fotografovat. Zariadenie podporuje pripojenie na internet aj prostrednictvom 3G modulu. Komunikacia s aplikaciami, softvermi a inymi zariadeniami potrebnymi na diagnostikovanie alebo ovladanie je jednoducha a vsade dostupna. Ovladanie tabletu je komfortne vdaka dvoj-dotykovemu kapacitnemu displeju. G-senzor umoznuje automaticke otacanie obrazu na vysku a sirku. K vysokej variabilite prispieva moznost vyberu pocitaca. Zwrot ulgi za zakup kasy fiskalnej lub drukarki fiskalnej Jak dziala kasa fiskalna. Producenci kas fiskalnych kontra dystrybutorzy FAQ Koszty uslug Opinie o nas Serwis Kontakt Dodatowo poprzez unikalne funkcje redukuja koszty ponoszone przez wlasciciela.

Euro-200TX dopomaga w podnoszeniu tego komfortu dzieki swojemu nowoczesnemu wygladowi a za sprawa ergonomicznego zaprojektowania, czyni prace operatora jeszcze prostsza i szybsza. Praktyczny system typu drop-in (wrzuc i pracuj) umozliwia bardzo prosta i szybka wymiane rolek, dzieki czemu operator moze zaoszczedzic wiele czasu i klopotu. Dzieki temu mozesz urzadzic swoje stanowisko sprzedazy bez koniecznosci prezentowania klientowi pietrzacego sie klebowiska kabli. Dzieki temu oczy operatora nigdy nie sa zmeczone, nawet po wielogodzinnej ciaglej pracy z urzadzeniem, co z kolei podnosi jego wydajnosc i ogranicza mozliwosc wystapienia pomylki. Wyswietlacz zostal dobrze zaprojektowany i posiada 3 sekcje: nazwe towaru, liczbe sztuk, i cene sprzedawanego produktu. Dzieki temu wzrasta orientacja operatora. Duze cyfry pozwalaja klientowi na bezproblemowe odczytanie informacji o naleznosciach. Nowa kasa Elcom oferuje mozliwosc zakupu tej opcji w bardzo przystepnej cenie. Kasjerzy docenia dobrze zaplanowane miejsce sprzedazy, gdzie wszystko ma swoje miejsce.Gdyz wraz z pozostalymi mobilnymi funkcjami kasy takimi jak chocby wbudowana bateria, pozwala na prowadzenie sprzedazy w doslownie kazdych warunkach pracy i to przez 8 godzin, bez koniecznosci jej doladowywania. To jest przeszlo 15 razy wiecej niz w popularnej klawiaturze komputerowej.Komunikacja z PC dzieki temu jest o wiele bardziej wygodna i tansza, bo nie bedziesz musial uzywac zadnego konwertera. Predkosc drukarki termicznej jest 4 krotnie wyzsza od drukarki iglowej. Nie bez znaczenia sa koszty. Rolki papierowe Elcom gwarantuja niezmiennosc wydruku termicznego przez co najmniej 5 lat. Mozliwosc zdalnej pracy jest funkcja standardowa dla wielu modeli kas Elcom. Gwarancja moze byc wydluzona NAWET do 5 lat.Szczegoly o plikach cookie.

com Product Guide From attenuators and amplifiers through connectors, couplers, isolators, mixers and power dividers to VCOs and zero bias Schottky detectors, this guide comprehensively describes the company’s AtlanTec brand named products. Data includes frequency range, isolation and insertion loss, as applicable, plus temperature, weight and dimensions. The company is a provider of high quality, standard and special RF and microwave connectors, adapters, blindmate interconnecting components and cable assemblies for use in military applications and commercial microwave, RF and wireless industry components. Information of quote requests, ordering information and product warranty are also provided. Dynawave Inc., Haverhill, MA (978) 469-0555, www.dynawave.com Product Brochure This brochure highlights the company’s narrowband frequency synthesizer products. Featured products include the MFS, DFS and WMFS series that offer reliable integrated system synthesizers. Also highlighted are the SPDRO, SFDRO and PSDRO series products that offer phase noise efficiency with broad performance features. The products are targeted for applications such as radar systems, EW, instrumentation, digital radio, military, fiber optics and SATCOM. These are standard off the shelf products up to 18 GHz, with specifications and drawings listed in the catalog. This catalog is handy for design engineers and buyers who are looking for product specifications and pricing for new development. To request a 2006 catalog two volume set, visit www.hittite.com and select the “Submit Inquiry” button. Hittite Microwave Corp., Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343, www.hittite.com Cal Kits, Components and Adapters This 160-page catalog covers the entire precision VNA calibration kit line and the components that make up these kits. It also includes connector gage kits, air lines, torque wrenches and manual tuners, plus an extensive section on precision coaxial and waveguide adapters.

Detailed specifications are given for every product along with general information about VNA calibration methodologies, standard waveguide flange specifications, and useful facts that are relevant to the test and measurement industry. In addition, the CD-ROM is hyperlinked to the company’s web site to facilitate the collection of additional information. Mimix Broadband Inc., Houston, TX (281) 988-4600, www.mimixbroadband.com Product Catalog This redesigned catalog features the company’s standard product data sheets and useful application notes. Outline drawings, including information about new surface-mount packaging technology and performance specifications are provided for each component. MMarki Microwave, Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4200, www.markimicrowave.com. Product Brochure This brochure highlights the company’s high power PIN diode control devices in frequencies ranging from 20 MHz to 18 GHz and power levels up to 10 kW peak and 1200 W CW. These switches, limiters and high power assemblies have accumulated years of reliable field proven performance in both defense and commercial applications. Micronetics High Power Products, Hudson, NH (603) 883-2900, www.micronetics.com Amplifier Catalog This 34-page catalog highlights the company’s complete bipolar amplifier line up to 3 GHz. Typical amplifier performance curves are shown, including outline drawings and explanation of specification definitions. MITEQ Inc., Hauppauge, NY (631) 436-7400, www.miteq.com Active and Passive Catalog This comprehensive 190-page catalog details the company’s full line of products, from passive components such as filters and isolators to active components such as broadband low noise amplifiers and space qualified channel amplifiers. The company designs, develops and manufactures these products to serve a variety of domestic and international markets including defense, wireless and satellite communications.

Product outline drawings, specifications and performance graphs are included for most products. Narda Microwave-West, Folsom, CA (916) 351-4500, www.nardamicrowave.com Products and Capabilities Brochure This 24-page brochure provides an overview of corporate capabilities and selection tables of the company’s passive component and connectivity product offering that operates from DC to 40 GHz. The guide offers application notes on its HYBRIDLINE series of drop-in quad hybrids and couplers, and also provides a comprehensive outline to the company’s web site and enhances available data sheets and application notes. Response Microwave Inc., Framingham, MA (978) 456-9184, www.responsemicrowave.com Designer’s Handbook This Designer’s Handbook outlines the company’s broad product portfolio of RF systems and solutions for applications that drive mobile communications. RFMD,“ Greensboro, NC (336) 678-5570, www.rfmd.com New Products Catalog This current edition of the company’s new products catalog features products from the coaxial switch range with the inclusion of the six-pole 26.5 GHz CCR-58, Smith Charts for the CCR-33 18 GHz switch and the RF522 10 GHz relay, and a microwave switch selection guide. New products from the industrial solid-state range include the HIPak series data and a selection guide, with revised data for the 30 and 100 amp DC solid-state relays. Revised data for five miniature plastic relays from the military solid-state range are also included. Teledyne Relays, Hawthorne, CA (323) 777-0077, www.teledynerelays.com CD-ROM Product Catalog The 11th edition of this CD-ROM includes several new and updated brochures and catalogs including the newest edition of the LMR“ Wireless Products Catalog with the latest updates to the LMR product line. This CD-ROM features an easy-to-use menu for navigation within each catalog.

Also included are “how-to” installation videos to assist users of LMR low loss coaxial cable products and two handy calculators for determining both coaxial cable attenuation and conversion of VSWR-to-return loss. Times Microwave Systems, Wallingford, CT (203) 949-8400, www.timesmicrowave.com Selection Guide The CORCOM product guide allows for selection and application of EMI and RFI filtering devices. Included in the guide is detailed information on RFI power line filters, power entry modules, DC filters and signal line filtering products. In addition to extensive product information, the guide also includes detailed, easy-to-use selection charts to assist designers in the product selection process. The flow-chart style of the selection chart allows engineers to quickly determine the most suitable product for specific applications and parameters. Tyco Electronics Corp., Harrisburg, PA (800) 522-6752, www.tycoelectronics.com.

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